Accounting Suite

Our Accounting Suite is a cloud-based, accounting and cost management solution intended for reservation businesses.

Invoice Management

Dynamic Invoicing

Make, Manage, track, and pay your invoices from one single spot. We offer a balanced, instinctive, and appealing twofold passage accounting experience that underpins Ad-hoc and reservation explicit invoices.

Payments & Receipts

Transparent Records

View payments and clear your dues by a single click on our system. We offer a transparent record of receipts so that tracking the transactions made can be more accessible. Make payments through the default card or add a new one and select the receipts that you only want to pay. All the records are readily available in our system.

General Journal

Activities on the System

Access general journal feature on the system tells you assets and revenue generated on the account. It gives you a complete record of the activities that you did, and debit/credit transactions made. Also, export the record in the .csv or pdf format

Tax Management

Tax management technology

With our best in class integrated tax automation solution, you can manage tax remittance to all agencies that govern your properties with the knowledge of complete compliance. Whether it is the length of stay and or sales taxes, our platform can calculate the proper tax fees and all reports needed to manage your exposure.

Expenses & AP

Enquiry Details

The proposed feature allows customers to make vouchers online and book for services providing the required details. Also, customize the expense vouchers by filling in the needed information and merely pressing the create button. The layout of the online system is precise and user-friendly.

User Friendly Chart of Account

Statement of Account

Our customers can benefit from this feature by keeping track of the chart of accounts. The visibility of amount and frequency against the list of vendors gives them easy access to all retrieval information and reporting.