Automate your business

Tech-enabled automated work-flow that streamlines your operations.


Enterprise Workflow Automation

Plan, track, and collaborate daily operations, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Consistent and improved guest experience, more efficient inventory management will make you more competitive. Our integrated automation tools allow you to do more in less time, significantly increasing productivity.

Tech-enable Workflow Management

All-in-one hub helps your team work more efficiently


Integrated task automation allows you to organize all of your rental accommodation operator's and manager's tasks. No need to jump from one platform to another, use task automation to manage multiple tasks in one location.


Automate all of your repetitive todo's, saving your staff time spent on everyday tasks. Assign and manage colleagues directly on the platform. Easily create todo's which are visible on all pages of the platform.


Automated notifications for repetitive communications to guests, vendors, and team members are easy to set up using the automation templates. You can set up how and when notifications are sent out.

Automated Triggers

Event-Driven Triggers

Use triggers for tasks, todo's, notifications, email, and SMS messaging in all modules to streamline operations. Triggers initiate automated workflows as directed by customized automated workflow templates allowing your staff always to be responsive to guests, partners, and team members.